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Needlewood was founded in 2014 by Volker Bertelmann aka Hauschka, who initially acted on his own and formed the company to assemble diverse requests under one roof. Gradually, as commissions considerably increased, Needlewood developed into a versatile and unique combination of musicians and assistants working together as a team on over 30 international productions to date.

Volker Bertelmann’s Oscar nomination in 2017 brought along large-scale projects which required comprehensive handling and led him to expand the in-house activities from composition over orchestration to delivering the mixed music.

The company’s strength is the cooperation of musicians with a background in experimental and indie music with distinguished directors and orchestras on the highest level of film music production. Needlewood’s goal is not only to deliver functional film music, but to provide the film with a specific musical identity, to enhance the cinematic qualities and the storytelling and ideally be unique.

“The core of our work is to learn and expand our knowledge“ says Volker Bertelmann, the composer at the heart of Needlewood who is aiming at providing opportunities for growth on the aesthetic as well as at the corporate level.

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